Junior Merino

Bitters (Intensives)

Junior Merino created a unique line of bitters he aptly named Intensives. These intensives were created to "intensify" flavors in cocktails or to add a dash of complexity, elegance or a drop sophistication. Each Intensive has a different spirit base and is infused with botanicals that enhance the natural flavors and aromas found in each spirit. 

All products in this page contain alcohol.

Pisco "7 Deadly Sins" Intensive (bitters)

Mezcal Intensive (bitters)

Scotch (Single Malt) Intensive (bitters)

Bourbon Intensive (bitters)

Armagnac Intensive (bitters)

Tequila Intensive (bitters)

Rum Intensive (bitters)

Vodka Intensive (bitters)

Gin "Botanica" Intensive (bitters)

Cachaca Intensive (bitters)

Shochu Intensive (bitters)

Rye Intensive (bitters)