Junior Merino

Junior Merino Products

Junior Merino products are an exclusive and innovative gourmet product line designed by Master Mixologist Junior Merino The Liquid Chef, to enhance your cocktail and culinary experience by integrating the most exotic and natural combinations that will give your palate eclectic levels of flavors, sensations, and textures.

Our syrups are speed rack friendly, and are made with 100% natural flavors & colors, Exotic ingredients and blends made simply for you. Add our products to any beverage or dish for that special touch of sophistication. Dainzu Rimmers are created especially to frost any cocktail glass to add layers of flavor and texture, but will also compliment your cuisine.

"Liquid Chef-it" at home with these tools, accessories and apparel designed and branded by Junior Merino.

The possibilities are endless so shake up your next occasion with any of our delicious combinations.